French Opportunities Abroad

We’ve had 12 French students participating in study abroad exchanges
in the 2013-2014 academic year alone!

Immersion is the best way to rapidly gain second language skills. We strongly encourage all students to study in a Francophone country like France, Switzerland, Canada, and many more! Scholarships and financial aid are available for students interested in going abroad. Explore your different options below.

Direct Exchanges

Do you want to go to a French-speaking country like France, Switzerland, French Canada, or Senegal while paying UAF tuition through direct exchange? Visit the UAF Office of International Programs and Initiatives and choose, depending on your finances and preferences, from several French-speaking universities with whom UAF has a direct exchange.

Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Rennes, in Western France
Very prestigious, French equivalent to Ivy League. Located in the beautiful, medium-sized, affordable capital of the Bretagne region. Social studies majors/minors should look more into this university.

Université Jean Monnet, in Southern France
If you like the sun this place is for you! Close to the glorious city of Lyon, this university in the medium size city of St. Étienne has an excellent French as a foreign language program and a very diverse student body.

Université de Neuchatel, in Switzerland
Located in the medieval town of Neuchatel, surrounded by lakes and mountains, this place is a paradise. Excellent natural science, anthropology and linguistics programs in particular.

Université Laval, in French Canada
The oldest French-speaking university in Canada, prestigious Université Laval is located in the splendid, but homey centuries old Québec City. The university is famous for its first class French as a foreign language program, and has more than 400 programs to choose from. It is really universal in scope.

Study Abroad Programs

Université du Québec à Montréal, in French Canada
Like to try for a big city? Located in the lively, welcoming and affordable metropolis of Montreal with its cinema festivals, French cuisine and the friendliest people on earth, the university has an extremely diverse student body and a rich variety of programs, particularly known for its social studies emphasis.

Université du Québec à Rimouski, in French Canada
Hands-on, community-oriented French-speaking university particularly focused on Northern Studies and North-related issues. A great find for Alaskan students.

Université de Sherbrooke, in French Canada
Would you rather live in a smaller urban setting? Sherbrooke has a reasonable population of 150,000 people. This university has particularly good engineering and natural science programs.

Work Abroad/Immersion Opportunities

Teaching Assistant Program in France
Do you want to work in France, get paid, travel all over Europe and get a valuable teaching experience? Then you should join the ranks of UAF students and graduates (Brook Raidmae, Sara Ruth Harriger, John Bollinger, Elisabeth Kann, Holly Hemming, Rachel Conn, Mandara Nott, Justin Parish, Bethany Essary, Brian Sweeney, Sasha Antohin, Robert Koscis, Tricia Bates, Jennifer McMillan, Tyson Hansen, Ashley Paris, Claire Ashmead, and others) who went to France through the Teaching Assistant program.

La Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d’Amérique
Immersion opportunities at no cost: Do you want to experience French immersion in a French-speaking family, fantastic study-vacations summer in Quebec, while enjoying a generous $ 4000 scholarship? Then you should join generations of students (Heather Mass, Kimberly Ognosty, Joyce Beelman, Tyson Hansen, Ashley Paris, Harlee Stuart, Brian Sweeney, Steven Osborne and many others) who benefited from the continuous support offered by La Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d’Amérique to the best qualified students. We are proud to say that our students continuously win these scholarships.