Justin Parish


French Major with Chinese minor, 2006

Currently in Juneau, Alaska

“In the years since I obtained my B.A. in French it has been of immeasurable use to me, professionally and personally. I went to France for a year to work for the French government through the English Assistant program, which allowed me to travel extensively, and obtain the priceless teaching experience. Also, living in France changed me profoundly. I became more confident in my abilities and open to the world. With a major in French and minor in Chinese I landed, upon my graduation, a job teaching French and English in Beijing, China. French is the international language of freedom and it has allowed me to make special and lasting friendships in China and elsewhere. I also have been able to enjoy literature that would have otherwise been lost to me. Even now my chances of obtaining a good job are considerably improved by my faculty with French.

Merci, UAF French program!”

Justin is currently in graduate school.