Tricia Bates


French Major, 2009

Currently in Fairbanks, Alaska
From Fairbanks, Alaska

“Studying French has enriched my life not only academically, but also personally and professionally. From learning French phonetics to analyzing medieval French poetry to studying and performing absurdist French theater, the French program at UAF, though small, provided a well-rounded study of the French language and francophone culture. Through studying French, my eyes have been opened to other ways of viewing the world which has, in turn, given me greater perspective on my own culture. From Canada to Europe to Africa, knowing French has allowed me to experience diverse cultures first-hand and relate to people from lifestyles much different than my own.

I was able to work for the French government in France and my time spent abroad has given me invaluable life experiences as well as lasting friendships. In the professional arena, I have already had three jobs that specifically involved the French language, including teaching at the university level. My experience teaching French at UAF has given me an even greater appreciation and passion for the language and francophone cultures. I plan to soon begin a master’s degree in French and continue to pursue teaching French as a profession.”