Michelle Risse


Psychology Major with French and Music minors, 2011

Currently in Fairbanks, Alaska
From Fairbanks, Alaska

“Studying French contributed to my academic knowledge as well as to my adventurous spirit. Because of the global adventurous knowledge that French professor Dr. Matusevich promoted in all of her classes, I was able to muster up enough courage to go abroad, and eventually to move to Harlem, NY where I lived for nearly a year. In 2004 I won the full scholarship to study in Québec, at the Université Laval. It was fabulous and really improved my speaking. I am still waiting on my grand opportunity to see the “City of Lights,’ but in this case I’m hoping that good things come to those who wait!

Recently I have decided to work as a Substitute Teacher for the School District, and I think I found my vocation. During this past semester I was able to put my French knowledge to good use as I taught several French courses at West Valley High School. I really enjoyed it and am now pursuing my Teaching certificate at UAF, which will give an opportunity to become a real teacher. Thank you!”