Makenzie Demmert

Adrian Raymond, UAF graduate

Film Studies Major with French minor, 2015

Graduated in 2015. Currently an Associate TV Producer KUAC

“The French program at UAF afforded me one of the best and richest opportunities of my college career. Thanks to Dr. Yelena Matusevich, I competed for and earned an incredible scholarship to visit Quebec (from the Societe des Professeurs Francais and Francophones d’Amerique) for a 5-week summer immersion program. Not only did this program open my eyes to another culture and my ears to another language, but also my heart to true love. Thanks to this trip and this magic language I met the man I am soon to marry . So I will probably speak French for the rest of my life now! Although I knew that learning another language was essential to living a full life, Yelena has taken it to the next level by actually making it a real possibility for her students. If you want the opportunity to travel, to experience something completely new and to possibly even meet the love of your life ( J ) what are you waiting for?”